12/19/09 Daily Update – 9:00 P.M

I’ve come to a conclusion that this blog is way too cluttered and unorganized. This has to change. Starting now, I’ll be coming to the my readers a few times each day, with updates concerning various professional sports stories that go on during the day.


In New Orleans, Wade Phillips and his Cowboys have silenced the Louisiana faithful thus far, taking an early 14-0 lead. After a quarter of play, Tony Romo has thrown the ball with precision and accuracy, already accumulating over 150 yards.

Chad Ochocinco wants to honor his fallen teammate, Chris Henry, who passed away last thursday, by sporting Henry’s number 15 in tomorrow’s game in San Diego. NFL rules prohibit this, and Ochocinco will receive a fine if he decides to do this. The NFLPA stated that they were willing to cover his fine, and while this is a kind act of generosity, it is also against the NFL rules. Chad might have to take this one himself.


Is Allen Iverson’s injury worse than we think? The 34 year-old guard sat out his second straight game tonight, as the Sixers took on the Los Angeles Clippers at home. Iverson’s arthritis (in his left knee) started acting up this past week, which is nothing compared to injuries he’s had in the past. The arthritis has prompted coach Eddie Jordan to announce that Allen will sit out until December 28th at the earliest. Also, Lou Williams will make his return tonight after missing 12 games with a broken jaw.

In New York, two-time Sprite Slam Dunk champ Nate Robinson, has reportedly asked for a tade. Robinson is currently in the “D’Antoni Doghouse” after getting benched for the past eight games. This streak doesn’t look to be ending anytime soon, and it’s unclear why this benching has even occured.


Scott Rolen, a veteran third basemen who was traded to Cincinnatti last season, signed a fresh two-year deal with the club earlier today. Rolen, who grew up in nearby Indiana, had no problem accepting this contract that keeps him close to home until 2012. The seven-time Gold Glove winner will earn $6.5 million in each of the two seasons.

Milton Bradley is done in Chicago, as he was traded to Seattle for Venezuelan pitcher Carlos Silva. Along with Silva, the Cubs recieved $9 million, who get rid of a problem off the field (Bradley) who caused numerous controversial incididents last season.